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We believe in traveling as though you've already arrived. Won't you join us?
Deluxe Reserved Event Seating
Mose space. More comfort. More attention. And who doesn't like that?
VALUE: $1,997
Three Networking Lunches
Enjoy a gourmet meal each day of the event while you get to network at a VIP table and receive additional valuable training.
VALUE: $250
Two Gourmet Dinners
You've only got three short days to capitalize on our time together - make the most of it at these small private dinners for additional training and VIP networking, while sitting with the host & guest experts.
VALUE: $250
Tuesday Night Coaching w/Michael Neeley
Want some extra-special attention? First-Class attendees will get an opportunity for a group coaching session and a guaranteed spot in the hot-seat if you want it.
VALUE: $500 
Early Admission
Not that it matters (since your seat is reserved), but just in case... you get to take your seat before the rest of the crowd. Settle in and get ready to learn.
VALUE: $100
Platinum SWAG Bag
More goodies than either the basic or the deluxe SWAG, this bag is filled with extra-awesome goodies just for you.
VALUE: $200
Cocktail Party Invite
More than just a meet-and-greet opportunity, you'll have the chance to chat privately with the host and other guest experts. Two drink tickets are even included.
VALUE: $125
Bottle of Fine Wine
Just because. You'll be in wine-country, and when in Rome... well, you get the picture.
VALUE: $75
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